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Wrist Rotator for use with Adult Hands

Wrist Rotator for use with Adult Hands

This powered wrist rotator provides an effective solution for high-level amputees requiring powered-hand positioning assistance. The MC Wrist Rotator is compatible with the Boston Digital Arm system and can also be used with mechanical elbows or for trans-radial prostheses with short residual limbs. It has a Bock-style quick disconnect coupling making it mechanically compatible with all manufacturer’s terminal devices. When used with the Boston Arm, order the straight 50 mm lamination collar.
The rotator provides controlled pronation and supination with 360 degree rotation. It weighs 5 oz (143 g) and measures 1-11/16” (68 mm) in length and 2” (50 mm) in diameter. It has greater torque and speed than previous wrist rotators making it more suitable for accomplishing common activities of daily living. This rotator can be proportionally controlled when used with the Boston Digital Arm or an in-wrist controller. They can be actuated by myoelectrodes, Touch Pads, or a Linear Transducer.
The Otto Bock 10S17 Wrist Rotator is no longer compatible with the Boston Digital Arm System and should not be used.

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