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Wrist Plates for Mechanical & Passive Hands

Wrist Plates for Mechanical & Passive Hands
  • Provides a universal -20 threaded stud for wrist mount
  • Attaches easily with two screw patterns
  • 5 Sizes for adults and children
  • Can be used with both passive and mechanical hands
  • Oval Hand Connector Plate available for oval wrist builds

Passive and mechanical hands for children and adults require a threaded stud to make the attachment to a wrist or lamination collar. These Hand Connector Plates (APXXX) are easily attached to the hand base with three flat-head screws. Recent versions (FHL-series) of the passive hands for adults are equipped with a treaded insert at the wrist. For these hands, either the Hand Connector Plate shown above or a threaded stud (AP100) can be used in lieu of the Hand Connector Plate.

Threaded Stud (AP100)

If the Lightweight Friction Wrist (WUXXX) is used with the hand, the Hand Connector Plate will attach to an Adapter Plate (WPXXX) enabling the user to adjust wrist pro/supination friction.

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