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Lightweight Wrist System for Adults & Children

Lightweight Wrist System for Adults & Children

Because users’ needs vary widely, we offer a variety of wrist units to accompany nearly any prosthetic hand or gripper, electrical or mechanical. These wrist units will help users achieve the right balance of functionality and cosmetics. For example, our Lightweight Wrists help reduce the weight of the prosthesis. Combined with a lightweight hand, these can significantly increase comfort for the user. Friction Wrists allow users to position the terminal device where they want it, and then secure it by tightening the friction adjustment ring. Locking Wrists also allow the user to position the terminal device and then lock it in place, so the user can perform tasks that require no wrist motion.

Some users have more than one terminal device, and alternate between them. For these users, we offer wrist disconnect units that allow for a quick change from one terminal device to another. This option is helpful, for example, when the individual uses a powered gripper for functional activities such as work or hobbies, but prefers a more cosmetically appealing hand for social events.

Wrists are sized to match a particular hand or gripper. When ordering, check to ensure that the wrist matches the size of the terminal device. Most wrists come with Lamination Collars for mounting to the prosthesis. Many wrists require that the terminal device also be supplied with the appropriate connection plate or stud for compatibility.

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