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AXIS Shoulder Joint

AXIS Shoulder Joint
  • Operate as a free-swing joint
  • Only 2?" (60 mm) diameter
  • Light weight - 172 grams
  • Optional electric lock actuator
  • Adjustable abduction friction
  • Supplied with exoskeletal humeral plate
  • Optional endoskeletal tube clamp
  • Left or right-hand control
  • 270° rotation limit stop

Made from high strength aerospace alloys, the LTI Locking Shoulder Joint is a durable alternative for people with an upper limb amputation. The shoulder swings in a natural arc during gait, but it can be locked in 36 positions, or every 10°. Abduction/adduction is achieved by using a second hinge with adjustable friction. The user can free the joint manually or by using the optional nudge control. When free, the joint moves so easily that a bilateral amputee can reposition the entire arm by merely leaning forward while pushing the lock release.

The size and weight of this joint make it suitable for pediatric use even though it is designed to support the loads imposed by a large adult. At just over 2? inches in diameter and 172 grams, it can conveniently fit both adolescent and adult prosthetic systems. The shallow depth and pre-shaped humeral attachment plate allows prosthetists to construct the prosthesis with a natural shoulder line.

The new LTI Locking Shoulder Joint has been redesigned to provide more strength and greater resistance to wear. Hard-coated aluminum release mechanisms have been replaced by hardened steel parts for longer life. Bushings have been replaced by ball bearings for smoother operation and less friction. Finally, the humeral friction adjustment now has a bronze bushing for finer adjustment and less wear.

The LTI Locking Shoulder Joint can be used in both endo- and exo-skeletal prosthetic systems. The joint is supplied with a convenient exo-skeletal humeral mounting plate, but an optional endo-skeletal clamp is also available. The joint is normally mounted to the socket with a standard mounting disk. This essentially clamps the plastic socket material between the joint mechanism and the disk. If the socket does not have adequate stiffness to support this joint, an optional 3-spoke mounting plate can easily be substituted providing exceptional strength.

The LTI Locking Shoulder Joint can be used in body-powered or externally-powered prosthetic systems. Often this joint becomes part of a hybrid system consisting of some electric and some mechanical components. The joint is designed so that power cables leading to the elbow or terminal device can pass through the center of the abduction joint to protect and conceal the wiring. This opening was increased to ?” (15 mm) making it easy to pass wires and connectors through. The joint can be controlled in several ways; the user can activate the lever on the side of the joint to lock/unlock it. A nudge switch or remote release lever (as shown in the diagram above) can be used to provide a more accessible control for the user’s convenience.

The Shoulder Joint is supplied with an alternating lock/unlock actuator mechanism which allows the user to simply pull on the lever or a cable to lock, and pull again to unlock. The Lock Release mechanisms (listed to the right) can be used with this joint to position the control in a convenient location for the user to activate with their sound-side limb or with their chin. The base plate also has a cable clamp, thus providing a convenient location for securing and adjusting cable length

LTI intends to introduce a new abduction locking accessory for the Shoulder Joint in 2013. If this feature is required for your patient, call LTI at 800-437-0024 to determine its availability.
Suggested L-codes:

  • L6646 – Shoulder Joint
  • L6647 – Mechanical Actuator
  • L6648 – Electric Lock Actuator

Parts List:

SJ90 - LTI Locking Shoulder Joint, Exoskeletal, Manual Lock, req. release kit

SJ92 - LTI Locking Shoulder Joint, Exoskeletal, Electric Lock, req. switch & battery

SJ60 - 3-Spoke Mounting Plate

SJ61 - Spare Endoskeletal Humeral Attachment Plate

SJ62 - Endoskeletal Adapter Kit

SJ63 - Straight Mounting Plate

SJ43L - Lock Release Kit, Spring Loaded Lever, Left, base plate

SJ44R - Lock Release Kit, Spring Loaded Lever, Right, base plate

SJ45L - Lock Release Kit, Sierra Nudge, Left, base plate

SJ46R - Lock Release Kit, Sierra Nudge, Right, base plate

SJ53 - Endoskeletal Boston Arm Adapter

SJ55 - Boston Arm Trial Fitting Adapter

SJ77 - Electric Lock Conversion Kit for SJ90 req. switch*

SJ81 - Cable for Electric Lock, LTI battery, req. switch*

SJ82 - Cable for Electric Lock, other mfg battery, req. switch*

SJ83 - Cable for Electric Lock, Bock Battery, req. switch*

BE347 - Cable for Electric Lock on Boston Digital Arm

9X25 - Rocker Switch for use with SJ77, SJ82, SJ92, BE347

10R2 - Tube Clamp modified for use with SJ90 to Bock Modular Arm

note: switches Bock-type 9X25, 9X14, 8X18

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