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Orthotic Elbow Joints

Orthotic Elbow Joints
  • Locking hinges for adults (shown)
  • Friction elbow joints for children

Locking Elbow joints for adults are suitable for both orthotic and prosthetic applications. These matt-finish, stainless steel joints are intended for either medial or lateral fittings and may be inverted for manual operation on the forearm. The joint lock is operated through a cable by a shoulder shrug. Generally they are accompanied by a free-swing joint (EL4011) on the opposite side of the elbow.

Friction elbow joints for children allow passive positioning of the prosthetic forearm or orthosis. These are ideal for patients with long humeral segments that cannot be fit with prosthetic elbows. They are a non-locking joint. Friction is equal throughout the range of motion and the constant friction setting is maintained over long periods of use. Friction is provided by Delrin™ washers and can be easily adjusted to suit the patient. A back-stop prevents hyper-extension and the total range of motion is 130°.