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Passive Hands for Adults

Passive Hands for Adults

This series of passive foam hands are for adults and teens who require a purely cosmetic prosthetic hand. Intended for use with a cosmetic glove, these hands are not functional, but most can be shaped to the desired finger and thumb position. They consist of flexible foam on a formable plastic and metal skeleton. Hand plates or a stud are normally used to attach these passive hands to the wrist. Wrist options include; wrist lamination unit which fixes the passive hand to the socket - no wrist movement, passive wrist rotation with a light-weight friction wrist or another manufacturer’s wrist unit which accepts a ½-20 stud. When used with the Modular Arm (endoskeletal) prosthetic system, these passive hands can be mounted to a wrist providing pro/supination or pro/supination and flexion/extension.

These new passive hands are available in four sizes, ranging from 2¾” to 3½”. Gloves are available for these hands in 19 colors and in both PVC and silicone. Silicone is the preferred glove material due to its stain-resistance.

This new FHL-series of passive adult hands replace the previous adult passive hands (H3XX series). However, LTI still stocks some of the previous passive hand gloves to accommodate our customers who purchased these previously. Going forward, when it is time to replace the glove again, we would suggest considering upgrading to the new passive hand style and glove.

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Product Catalog:

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Technical Specifications:

Data Sheet - Passive Foam Hands(PDF)


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