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Mechanical Hands for Children – Voluntary Open

Mechanical Hands for Children – Voluntary Open
  • Voluntary open hands available in 2 sizes
  • Two activation styles: palmar & dorsal pull
  • Ajustable grip force
  • Some voluntary close hands still available
  • 11 cosmetic glove colors

Children’s Voluntary Open style Mechanical Hands are available in two sizes; 2” and 2¼” and two pulls (medial & lateral). These small hands are often measured by hand circumference and these measure 5½” and 6” respectively. They are generally used with a hand plate and light-weight friction wrist or a (fixed) lamination wrist.

Voluntary open hands are often preferred because of their simplicity – pull cord to open, release cord to close. And the hand closing spring is adjustable to set the pinch force. Additionally, unlike voluntary open hands, voluntary close hands do not require the user to maintain force on the cord when they want to hold onto an object. Finally, voluntary open hands look more natural than voluntary close hand when the user is relaxed (no force on the cord).

PVC cosmetic gloves are available for these hands in 11 colors.

Voluntary Close Mechanical Hands for Children

In spite of the popularity of voluntary open hands, some users prefer voluntary close hands. One benefit of these hands is that you can regulate the grip force by pulling more firmly on the actuator cord. Children’s voluntary close hands have been discontinued by the manufacturer, however, LTI still has certain sizes available – if you have a need for one of these VC hands, call LTI (800-437-0024).

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