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Mechanical Hands for Adults - Voluntary Open

Mechanical Hands for Adults - Voluntary Open
  • Available in four adult sizes
  • Palmar or dorsal cable pull options
  • Inner shell provided
  • Adjustable grip force
  • Compatible with Elegance™ silicone gloves
  • Various wrist options

The new line of Select Mechanical Hands for adults is now available in 4 popular sizes, from teen to adult (6¾, 7¼, 7¾ and 8¼ inch) in both front and rear cable pull. These cable-operated hands are compatible with all of the common wrist types, thus interfacing with other manufacturer’s components. They have been designed with high-strength aerospace aluminum alloys to provide greater finger strength and stability. Select Hands are a cost-effective alternative to other mechanical hands on the market. Smaller children’s mechanical, electric and passive hands are also available.

Designed for use with cosmetic gloves, these robust, cable-operated mechanical hands will withstand heavy-duty daily use. An active thumb and active first and second fingers provide three-point gripping. The third and fourth fingers consist of fillers in the cosmetic shell and tend to track with the active fingers. The hand spring is adjustable, allowing a stronger or weaker grip as desired. When the operating cord is released, a positive lock automatically engages so that the user can confidently carry items weighing up to 55 pounds (25 kg).

These mechanical hands are designed for control with either a palmar (medial) or a dorsal (lateral) pull cord, insuring that they can be fitted to most prosthetic systems. They can be used with a variety of wrist types depending on the requirements of the user. Typically, the hand is fit with a hand plate or threaded stud, providing a ½-20 threaded stud to interface with the wrist. Other wrist options are also available and should be discussed when placing the hand order.

Cosmetic gloves are available in PVC and silicone in a wide range of colors to match the user's skin tone and in various levels of surface definition. The Elegance™ silicone glove is preferred because of its stain-resistance and exceptional elasticity. With 15% stretch, this glove will not affect the motion of the hand and will therefore help minimize the force required to open the hand.

Voluntary Close (VC) Mechanical Hands for adults are no longer available.

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