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M-Fingers & Partial M-Fingers for Partial Hands

M-Fingers & Partial M-Fingers for Partial Hands
  • 3 Full M-Finger sizes
  • 3 partial M-Finger sizes
  • Light-weight mechanical partial hand prosthesis
  • Water-proof (components unaffected by water)
  • Durable construction
  • 3 colors – tan, brown & black (2014)

M-Finger and Partial M-Fingers are hand components for fabricating mechanical partial hand prostheses. The goal is to regain functionality rather than cosmesis. These kits consist of dexterous fingers, a multi-position friction thumb and mounting plates for use in a mechanical hand assembly. The fingers and thumb have urethane over-molds to provide better grasp and molded-in finger nails for picking up small objects. The fingers are actuated by a Spectra™ cable that crosses the wrist and is controlled by simple wrist flexion. Each finger independently conforms to the shape of the object it is grasping, thus allowing for multiple grasp patterns. M-Fingers are available in a variety of lengths and colors and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the patient. They are normally built onto a silicone partial hand socket with an outer laminated socket for mounting the appropriate number of fingers and finger sizes to match the sound-side hand. This fabrication can be done by the local practitioner or through one of several qualified central fabrication facilities (list supplied on request).

Full M-Finger

Full M-fingers are intended to be mounted at the MCP joint with a mounting plate. They are normally actuated by Spectra cables that cross the wrist. Wrist flexion excursion pulls these cables causing the M-Finger joints to flex. Wrist extension allows the M-Fingers to extend to their normal open position.

Partial M-Finger

Partial M-Fingers are intended for finger amputations distal to the MCP joint, specifically for amputations at the proximal phalange. With adequate residual finger length, these Partial M-Fingers can be fabricated with a suction suspension socket for mounting. The Spectra cables from each Partial M-Finger cross their respective MCP joints and excursion of this joint causes the distal joint on the Partial M-Finger to flex.

M-Fingers are available in 4-finger or 5-finger (4 fingers & thumb) kits. These kits contain the finger components required to fabricate the partial hand prosthesis. The clinician can fabricate the (silicone) socket/ lamination and assemble the prosthesis, or they can work with one of several central fabrication facilities to have the prosthesis fabricated. Individual M-finger and Partial M-finger components are also available for purchase.

The M-Finger thumb is a passive friction device. It has a mounting base with friction rotation for positioning the thumb and flexion friction adjustment to achieve the proper amount of resistance to the opposing fingers (either natural fingers or M-Fingers). The goal of the thumb is to act as an opposition device for grasping objects between the fingers and thumb.

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