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Crawling Hands for Infants

Crawling Hands for Infants
  • Available in two sizes; 1 & 1
  • Wood block for easy mounting
  • Available in various skin tones.

Infants crawling hands are specifically designed for infants who would benefit from the symmetry and balance provided by a crawling prosthesis. The clenched fist provides good support for crawling as well as better balance for sitting upright. The child can eventually advance to a foam-filled passive hand and then onto some other type of terminal device, passive or functional. The choices include; a teen passive hand, a mechanical hand or even an electric hand or other terminal device.

Wrist Block (CH900)

Infants Crawling Hands are generally mounted to the socket with a Wrist Block. This is a convenient way to secure the hand to the prosthesis and provides adequate strength to support the child. The wood on the wrist block can easily be shaped to fit the socket.

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