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Touch Pads™ – Force Sensing Resistors

Touch Pads™ – Force Sensing Resistors
  • Useful when no EMG signals are present
  • Respond to pressure
  • Thin membrane
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Easy to troubleshoot
  • Several sizes/shapes

Touch Pads™ are pressure-sensitive pads or Force Sensitive Resistors (FSR) that adhere to the inside of the socket. As their name implies, Touch Pads are operated by touch or pressure. The user simply moves the residual limb to push lightly on the Touch Pad to operate the prostheses. This pressure changes the resistance of the sensor, thus affecting the speed of the prosthetic device it is controlling.

These input devices are a cost-effective alternative to myoelectrodes. Like myoelectrodes, Touch Pads provide proportional speed control, since the amount of pressure applied determines the speed of the prosthesis. Touch Pads are normally supplied in a ¾” diameter, but are also available in smaller and larger sizes. Touch Pads cannot be used in place of a switch because they will not handle the current. They are best used as alternatives to myoelectrodes or as a “state/mode switch”.

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