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Custom Cables & Adapters

Custom Cables & Adapters
  • LTI can build special cables for unique prosthetic applications
  • In many cases, LTI already has a suitable cable – see “Cables”
  • Custom cables can use any manufacturer’s connectors
  • Custom cables are often used to build systems consisting of several manufacturer’s products
  • Custom cables may take several days to fabricate
  • Customer must specify connectors, cable length, etc.

Note: custom cables may take several days to fabricate and cannot be returned for credit

For special applications where a prefabricated cable is not available, a custom cable may be required. LTI stocks most manufacturers’ common connectors as well as some unique commercial connectors that are suitable for prosthetic applications. Connectors are a critical component of any prosthetic system and must be chosen carefully. In addition to the number of conductors in a connector, there are other factors to consider such as; current carrying capability, wire compatibility, locking feature requirement, keyed, physical size, insertion force, shielding, etc. Finally, the durability of a connector is an important factor to consider and LTI has adequate experience with connectors to assist in selecting the best one for the application.

To order custom cables and adapters, it is generally best to call LTI (800-437-0024) and describe the application with one of our technical staff members. If however, you know exactly what you want, you can specify the custom cable using the connector list below. In this case, you must specify each segment cable length and the specific connectors to be used. The order is specified by starting with the “MC” prefix that identifies this as a custom cable assembly. Then each connector must be specified in sequence. For example, a custom cable order could be; MC-N2-DB-B2.

Keep in mind that custom cables are made to order and cannot be returned for credit! Therefore, even if you believe that you know the configuration you want, it would be wise to discuss this with a technical staff person at LTI before submitting the order. Allow several days for any custom cable to be fabricated.

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