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Modular Arm Systems - Endoskeletal

Modular Arm Systems - Endoskeletal
  • Lightweight
  • Modular Construction
  • Strong and Durable
  • Simple/Fast Assembly
  • Full range of Movement
  • Quick-Change Terminal Device
  • Friction Control of Rotation, Extension and Flexion
  • Compatible with other Limb Systems
  • Excellent for Trial Fittings

The Modular Arm System is truly a modular endoskeletal system with many interchangeable parts, allowing prosthetists to adapt components from most manufacturers systems. It is designed for rapid assembly and is light and cosmetically appealing. It requires minimal harnessing. The upper and lower forearm tubes are secured to a four-position, manually locked elbow mechanism. At the wrist, friction control of rotation, flexion and extension are available and an integral friction humeral rotator is also provided. A knurled socket attachment ring can be laminated into the socket during fabrication. A shoulder unit with adjustable friction, flexion and abduction movements can be used for shoulder disarticulation and fourquarter level prostheses. The Modular Arm System is finished with a soft and continuous surface. This finish comprises inner and outer elements. The inner cosmeses is built from four components, a foam cover for the upper arm, a foam cover for the lower arm and two soft foam wedges at the elbow. The arm foams are molded from Plastazote. These foam covers are supplied over-sized so that they can be shaped to approximate the contra-lateral arm. The outer cover is available in a choice of two materials; colored elasticized stockinette or reinforced silicone fabric. The silicone wipes clean with a light application of soap and water and is available in a choice of four colors.

The standard elbow joint (MA151) is also available in a cable-operated lock/release actuator for patients who are not able to operate the forearm-release button. Specify MA151 cable operated if this is the desired elbow style.

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