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Mechanical Locking Elbows - Exoskeletal

Mechanical Locking Elbows - Exoskeletal
  • Three elbow sizes for adults
  • Four wrist sizes
  • Light-weight
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Friction can be adjusted and locked
  • Only conventional elbow with humeral rotation lock
  • Can be used with passive, body-powered or electric terminal devices

The Mechanical Locking Elbow is a cable-operated elbow system with an alternating lock. The system is designed for rapid assembly, and the socket can be attached by either laminated or riveted construction. The system has two principal elements: the Elbow Mechanism and the Forearm.

The elbow mechanism is controlled by an operating cable, which is activated by body movements. The user can lock and unlock the elbow mechanism by sequential operations of the control cable. The elbow module includes a humeral rotation unit, which is supplied with a positive lock. The user operates this lock by twisting a reinforced plastic ring. When the lock is not engaged, a spring-loaded ball, detent mechanism, and adjustable friction drum control the freedom of rotation.

The laminated forearms are fitted with two side steels, which engage two shoes on the elbow mechanism and are screwed into place. The forearm tapers to a parallel, cylindrical distal section, which can be shortened with a saw to the desired length. Elbow shells and forearms are available in four colors: Caucasian (C), Tan (T), Light Brown (L), or Dark Brown (D). Indicate the color code when ordering.

Elbows are available in three sizes; 2, 2 and 2 inches. Forearms are available in four wrist sizes; 1, 1, 2", 2 inches.

The Electric Locking Elbow is no longer available.

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