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Friction Elbows for Children

Friction Elbows for Children
  • Adjustable friction for flexion/extension and humeral rotation
  • Pass through hole for powered systems

Friction Elbows for Children. Friction Elbow Units for children provide 135° of flexion and 360° of humeral rotation. Both movements have friction adjustment. The elbows are available in two sizes: 1 Elbow (FE150) for children requiring a 2 hand; and a 1 Elbow (FE175) for children requiring a 2 hand. Both elbow units are supplied with two stainless side steels for forearm attachment. They can be used with passive or electric hands, and have a pass-through for myoelectric hand wires. These elbow joints can also be used as shoulder joints. Manufactured in flesh-pink only.

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