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Gloves for Adult Mechanical Hands

Gloves for Adult Mechanical Hands

These cosmetic gloves are designed for optimum performance with the adult and children’s mechanical hands. The children’s mechanical hand gloves (sizes 2” and 2¼”) are only available in PVC material. These gloves are designated as G29XX – G32XX based on the size and side of the prosthetic hand.

The adult mechanical hand gloves are the Elegance™ series which are available in both Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and silicone. These gloves are designated as TG3XX for PVC and TSG3XX for silicone.

Both glove materials offer relatively good resistance to abrasion, tears and punctures. However, the user should be aware that cosmetic gloves should be treated with care to prevent damage from sharp objects and abrasive surfaces. The superior elasticity of the silicone allows the hand to operate through its full range of motion without excessive resistance from the glove. Silicone is also more stain resistant, thus extending the glove’s life if staining is an issue for the wearer.

Elegance gloves are available for each size adult mechanical hand and are offered in 19 skin tones. To select the appropriate glove color for the patient, use the Skinergy™/Elegance™ color swatches (E24658). If you need a set of color swatches, contact LTI at 800-437-0024 or at

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