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Gloves for Children Passive Hands

Gloves for Children Passive Hands
  • Cosmetic gloves for passive hands available in PVC
  • 19 Glove colors
  • Moderate definition/features
  • Durable
  • Light-weight

Cosmetic gloves for children's passive hands are only available in Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) through size 2-3/8". Starting with size 2-1/2", these gloves are available in both PVC and silicone. PVC is actually preferred for durability and resistance to abrasion with children - silicone is considered best for stain resistance. Therefore, if the user exposes their prosthetic hand with a PVC glove to ink, newspaper print and other materials that could stain the glove, the are likely to have permanent stains. Both glove materials share the same reimbursement code (L-code). For childrenĄ¯s passive hands smaller than 2-1/2", only PVC gloves are available.

To select the appropriate glove color for the patient, use the Skinergy™/Elegance™ color swatches (E24658). If you need a set of color swatches, contact LTI at 800-437-0024 or at