Liberating Technologies, Inc.

Gloves for Bebionic Hands

Gloves for Bebionic Hands
  • Stain-resistant Silicone
  • Durable construction
  • Abrasion resistant Fabric-reinforced
  • Good definition
  • High elasticity
  • 19 color options

These fabric-reinforced silicone gloves are designed for optimum performance with bebionic™ hands. Their superior elasticity allows the hand to operate through its full range of motion without excessive resistance from the glove. This enables the bebionic hand to achieve a relatively constant speed even at the extreme ranges of motion. It also minimizes power consumption to overcome resistance of the glove, thus potentially extending battery life. The fabric reinforcing is unique in prosthetic gloves and it dramatically improves the glove’s ability to resist tears and punctures. The silicone in the bebionic glove is abrasion and stain resistant. These features make the bebionic glove more durable and should extend the gloves life.

Bebionic gloves are available for each size bebionic hand and are offered in 19 skin tones. To select the appropriate glove color for the patient, use the Skinergy™/Elegance™ color swatches (E24658). If you need a set of color swatches, contact LTI at 800-437-0024 or at