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Foam-Filled Gloves for Children

Foam-Filled Gloves for Children
  • Children's foam-filled hands - 5 sizes
  • Infant's crawling hands - 2 sizes
  • Simple fabrication

The crawling and foam-filled hands for infants and children are intended to create a sense of symmetry, assist with sitting balance and to provide the ability to hold objects against the body. They are often used to aid in crawling and play activities. Often an infantís first passive prosthesis can first be fitted between two and six months of age. For younger children, see the crawling hands for infants.

The foam-filled hands have no internal structure. The foam fills a PVC glove and is simply shortened and shaped to the socket. Instructions are provided below.

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Foam-filled Gloves for Children(PDF)

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Infants Foam-Filled Hand - Fitting Instructions(PDF)