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Elegance Gloves for Adult Mechanical & Electric Hands

Elegance Gloves for Adult Mechanical & Electric Hands
  • Fits all adult Bock-style mechanical & electric hands
  • Suitable for Select™ Electric hands offered by LTI
  • Suitable for Mechanical hands offered by LTI
  • Available in 4 adult hand sizes
  • Extra long – 25” (645mm) to cover entire forearm
  • Available in both PVC and silicone
  • Silicone – Tufsil 3™ for maximum durability
  • Stain resistant silicone – easy to clean
  • Available in 19 skin tones

Following the successful launch of SKINERGY™ Leg Covers and responding to clinical requests, the ELEGANCE™ range of silicone and PVC gloves were introduced. Elegance gloves are designed to fit over the inner shells of Bock-style mechanical and electric hands from all manufacturers. For example, the adult mechanical and electric hands offered by LTI all use Elegance gloves. Unlike most cosmetic gloves for prosthetic hands, these gloves are extra long (about 25”), thus covering the entire forearm for outstanding cosmeses. For trans-humeral and elbow disarticulation prostheses the glove can be trimmed at the elbow fold and the remaining proximal portion used to form a discontinuous cosmesis. Elegance gloves are offered in 19 colors to closely match the skin tone of the user. These gloves are offered in both PVC and silicone.

Elegance™ - PVC:

Elegance - PVC gloves provide a cost-effective solution for most mechanical and electric hands that will cover prostheses fitted with adult Otto Bock-style mechanical and electric hand system hands. PVC has proven to be relatively good for abrasion and tear resistance. If stain resistance is important to the user, then Elegance - Silicone gloves should be considered.

Elegance™ - Silicone:

Elegance – Silicone gloves use Tufsil 3?, an innovation polymer technology. These gloves offer the toughness associated with PVC but provide the ease of cleaning provided by silicone. In addition, Tufsil 3? allows additional stretch, thus reducing the energy expended by the hand motor each time it opens. Properties of this polymer include improved tear resistance proven by clinical evaluations and up to 15% stretch to allow even bulbous sockets to be accommodated. These gloves are easy to fit and remove, allowing quick access to the hardware for maintenance and adjustment. They are simple to keep clean using soap and water.

Elegance gloves are available for each size Bock-style adult hand (7”, 7¼”, 7¾” & 8¼”) and are offered in a variety of skin tones as well as gender (for the 7¼” & 7¾” hands, Elegance gloves are offered in female/male or female/youth). To select the appropriate glove color for the patient, use the RSLSteeper color swatches (E24658). If you need assistance, contact LTI at 800-437-0024 or at

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