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Custom High-Definition Cosmetic Covers & Restorations

Custom High-Definition Cosmetic Covers & Restorations

Custom high-definition silicone cosmetic covers are produced using a unique fabrication method which provides exceptional definition/detail and excellent color match. These covers are produced with translucent silicone and then “painted” on the interior surface to create a more realistic appearance. This process results in greater perceived “depth” and it is not subject to wear and deterioration. Additionally, the density of the silicone can be varied to provide more durability in high-wear areas and softer surfaces at feathered edges where the cosmesis contacts the user’s skin. The possibilities are limitless!

Custom high-definition silicone covers are the premium cosmesis resulting in a life-like prosthesis. These are custom sculpted with the highest definition to match the user’s anatomy. They are created with an infinite number of colors to assure a match with the user’s skin tone. Finger nails are crafted out of stiff silicone or acrylic (for nail painting) and use as many colors as is necessary for a match. Optional features include; freckles, special skin coloration, veins, surface hair and even tattoos if required.

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