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Liberating Technologies, Inc. (LTI) is a leading supplier of upper-limb prosthetic devices for adults and children. The company designs and manufactures prosthetic devices such as the Boston Digital™ Arm System for above-elbow amputees and the VariGrip™ prosthetic controller for below-elbow amputees. These state-of-the-art microprocessor-based prosthetic controllers can be customized to accommodate the individual user's needs rather than requiring the user to adapt to the controller. LTI also manufactures a Locking Shoulder Joint for shoulder disarticulation patients.

Liberating Technologies, Inc. distributes products for three of the leading international suppliers of powered prostheses; RSLSteeper of England, VASI of Canada and Touch Bionics of Scotland. This enables the company to provide an excellent array of upper-limb components to satisfy each client. The company also supplies powered prosthetic accessories such as: batteries, chargers, hands, wrists, electrodes and other input devices as well as silicone and PVC cosmetic gloves and custom high-definition cosmetic covers and restorations.

LTI has the broadest line of upper-limb prosthetic components ranging from simple passive hands and body-powered devices to the sophisticated myoelectrically-controlled prosthetic systems.

Liberating Technologies, Inc.
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